Wednesday, 23 June 2010


kalo tgk purata post blog aku tiap blan sekata tp makin kurang... yap cuti mengurangkan mase aku on9. tp x kesah r.

of all the roads in malaysia, melaka has the worst roads. yeah they sucks and so do the jkr. two middle finger for yeh... why do you have to bother to repair them when they are completely ok and there's nothing wrong? why do you have to re"turap" them when there is no hole or anything? pffft piss me off really.

nevertheless, i've got my fairy back...
welcome back my love..


  1. maybe jalan tu nampak je sekata.tapi pembentungan bawah jalan itu tak elok.jadi jkr terpaksa la gali jalan untuk betulkan paip.of course the authority has their own reasons to dig,not just by simply digging it,kan?:)

  2. they just simply dig it...
    no, you have to be here then tou will understand what i mean

  3. K0 tgh cakap pasal jln dpn melaka perdana tu ka...haha..mntg2 owg nak lalu t0k sukma, tu yg g turap tu..=p

  4. yaaa tepat sekali... tp sukma da abes jalan pon x siap lagi... ahhh jalan lain pon same.. includng jalan kat jasin