Sunday, 10 February 2013

Jolly Buddha

the story goes like this.

once upon a time when i was having a group discussion in my class for an assignment, my classmate ask me, "Do you know Jolly Buddha?" as she showed me the golden bracelet that she wore contain small figures including the Jolly Buddha. I spontaneously answered no and she was quite astonished with my answer.

"How can you not know him? Jolly Buddha is very famous. I find that he is adorable"

She said that as she examine back the figure at  her bracelet and show it back to the others.

"Sorry but I'm a muslim"

and there was silence for a few seconds among us. Krik Krik Krik

"Well that was awkward"

as one of the group members broke the silence, the discussion continued back like nothing happened.

during the process of typing this post i kept on typing jelly buddha instead of jolly buddha. that reminds me of cumi-cumi.


  1. Just because you're a muslim, you shouldn't know about other religion though.

    I went to Spain with a group of usrah and they're happy taking pictures with the trees in the form of trees without knowing the stars are actually the Stars of David.

    I've to tell them that.

    If we don't know about other religions, then how we should tell others the beauty of Islam if we only know about Islam?

    1. in the form of star* without

    2. to be honest i dont really bother to know about other religion as i dont even know much about my own religion. ^^

  2. She likes it because he's adorable?
    ...That's it?

    1. Yeah i guess thats the only reason.

  3. do you know you have chinese blood even from your mom's side?heheh.