Thursday, 7 February 2013

alarm clock

so have you ever set your alarm clock at minit 53 or 46 or maybe 21? well people usually set the alarm with the minute on 00 or 30. some may put on 15 or 45 but yeah mostly just like that. so what i do is that i set 2 alarm clock on my iphone. setting alarm clock will be the last game of the day. slide the minute parts and let it stop on its own. if the minute number is more than 29 than the hour number will be 6 but if it is less than 30 than the hour number will be 7. so basically i have 2 alarm clock between 6.30 to 7.30... and the time depends on my luck. sometimes, i get 657 and 701 which is a bit unlucky but sometimes 632 and 720....... anyway, no matter early i wake up i usually get up from bed only when i feel like it ^^ it's cold and the duvet is so warm.

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