Saturday, 1 September 2012

a new start?

i always thought the word nevermind is something like "it's okay" but it has a different meaning actually. i was wrong this whole time O.O

next week will be my first rotation. im attached to the oncology department.. dan dan je dapat oncology. until now im still in holiday mood but im feeling much better now since i did enjoy this week to the fullest. made ikan bakar, nasi ayam, watched movies and series. one of the best even is post exam event. went to blanchard town to watch movie and window shopping and then we cook soto and i made cookies. yeay  it was a successful one. really enjoyed those times... well enjoy the little things before we get ourselves busy with all the books and hospitals. have fun

the scent of baked cookies.... ah im gonna make more. lots more
soto stuffs and cookies


  1. Mau making cookies? MUST TRY...

  2. haha datang la rumah aku bg cookie