Monday, 5 November 2012

Dublin Games

Dublin Games was held yesterday. i didnt join it last 2 years since i didnt know the date for the event till it started. so this year i joined the basketball competition ^^ it was smashing and awesome. yeah that's how i feel. for someone that hasnt played basketball for 2 years, i can say that.... i don t know what to say. just melepas gian. 

so i gathered 3 first year students from rcsi and made a team. we didnt meet each other till the day of the competition. dont even say training, all i can do is train on fitness since i dont even have people to play basketball with. the matches were 3v3 half court. 5 teams altogether and we manage to get 3rd place. bronze medal woohooo. not bad for a team with no chemistry and training at all. the result was 2 loses, 1 draw, 1 win. nevertheless, we were screwed really hard for the 2 loses. 21-6 and 21-3. lol 

me and my teammates

if only i can dunk i can make this pic more epic... too bad im too short ^^
credit to sophia for this pic

5 medals for 4 people... who should i give the extra medal to?

despite all the adrenaline rush and excitement yesterday. im like a living corpse right now. pain all over the body. wish i can go to onsen to relieve all the muscle aches. huhu next year we're gonna be better