Saturday, 17 November 2012

the sky

one of my favourite but dont do much things is looking at the sky be it a bright blue sky or bluish black with stars decorating it, i just love it. though the bright light makes my eyes watery, i like to watch the cloud hovering slowly above and the birds flying in the sky to live. sometimes, it gets dark and i can see lightning coming out from the dark gray clouds as the sheets of rain falling onto the earth.

but i like night sky especially since there are stars and not to forget the soft light from the moon with shape like a howling wolf on its surface. i like to make shape from the stars and try to guess the constellations (buruj). the easiest is the buruj pari with the inverted cross shape and then there is buruj biduk which shape like a gayung....(i search for the english word and it came out to be kapit. wth? so i decided to stick with gayung) and it can also form a bear shape which i cant remember too many stars... then theres this one constellation with 3 stars forming a stright line. i cant really remember its name but it forms an archer. these constellations shows me the direction of the north and south. its fun to try to look for them among the stars. theres also scorpio but i dont really remember the exact shape of the stars.

sadly i hardly able to do stargazing nowadays since the sky is so bright even at night. all i can see at night is a piece of dark bluish gloomy looking sky with satellites light replacing the stars. too much light pollution... back in my hometown i can watch the stars and sometimes i get to see shooting stars.yeah i remember sleeping with starry sky  as the roof when i was small but not anymore. here in dublin, the sky is orange throughout the night as if dawn is coming anytime or there is a great fire at the horizon that keeps lighting up the sky. i wonder when will i get the moment to stargaze again? maybe tomorrow?  oh btw i dont know the name for all the buruj in english... i only learn them in malay

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