Wednesday, 2 May 2012

almost there.....

the term opiod applies to any substance, whether endogenous or synthetic, that produces morphine-like effects that are blocked by antagonists such as naloxone.

analgesics huh? i just want to spend a couple of minutes rambling something on this blog for no reason. exam in less than 1 week. gotta go back studying. luckily i already clean up my room earlier. you know people will get a sudden urge to clean up the room whenever they need to study. yeah something that you will never bother suddenly become important/attractive/ blablabla during exam period. temptation temptation temptation.

anyway, it's wise not to get yourself distracted during this fuckingly important hour or you will be screwed. studying ending up failing and have to resit for exam is such a pain in the ass. you get what i mean? kinda like this picture.

except this guy is having it in the nuts. lol

anyway, best of luck and dont go failing yourself. till then chaow

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  1. "dont go failing yourself."

    If only it's a choice within our hands T_T