Monday, 16 April 2012


exam is less than a month from now. study then. ah, nevertheless easter holiday was fun last week. had friends from uk came down here. so we had some makan-makan. it was fun cooking together and we didnt even realised that time flies so fast. anyway, we had nasi lemak sambal kerang, chicken and squid bbq, and ikan bakar. spent the afternoon buying the stuffs like seafood and the event last till 11 oclock. ah that was really great and the food were jusst simply marvelous. i ended up asking the recipe on how to make the ikan bakar. gonna try it myself next time. i've already made up my mind. im gonna cook lobster right after i finish my final exam. hohoho

cycling to school everyday without holding the handle. it's cold so put my hand inside the pocket.

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