Sunday, 3 January 2016


since i was small I learnt to do gardening with my pop at the backyard though i dont really like doing those back then because theyre physical work and tiring but then when the results came out as i ge tmy own garden which i can harvest myself i realised that gardening is useful. i can have free vegetables, spices, and fruits. i even had a small patch of maize and a tunnel of all the peas and pumpkins. for fertilizers, well we have animals that eat our food scraps and other stuffs and they produce the fertilizers. also, my father just burn everything and use the burnt soil and remaining as fertilizers. so when i live in ireland I always think that it's such a waste to throw all the biodegradable stuffs into the bin instead of the backyard because we have to pay for each plastic bag we throw away. 3 black plastic bag will costs us 10eu. there's also the big bin but they only collect the trash once every 2 weeks and sometime the trash can really overload. reducing the amount of waste is always a good thing. anyway ive been throwing out food scrap  to the back yard and yeah they are a sore to the eyesight but the plants grow well.

and recently i just learnt that there are techniques to make compost instead of just leave them lying around with looking awful and can possibly produce smells. making compost ensure that there will be no smell, no ugly scenery, and hasten the process of making the fertilizers. a leaf can take 2 years to decompose by itself but you can hasten it up to 14 days if you make the compost yourself. the technique also prevent plant from getting hurt as decomposing process will release lots of heat and they will damage the plants root if theyre buried straight away. thats why you see there are no plants around the area where you bury all the stuffs.

i will be making one compost bin when i go back home and improve my backyard garden. this will also reduce burning stuffs to make fertilizers. go green lol.

another thing i've been wondering is that i learnt that decomposing process and produce lots of heat as high as 65C and i wonder if the heat can be harvested. i know the indian used to harvest the gas produce from the decomposing manure as fuel to heat something or for cooking. if i can harvest the heat it will be really useful especially in cold time like this in ireland

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