Sunday, 21 August 2016

road to fitness of me 10 years ago

my aim before i get back to Malaysia is always to take care of my health and then my house. and that's exactly what I'm doing right now though slowly since I'm very lazy but yeah were getting there hehe. over the years in Ireland with my medical condition and sedentary lifestyle I've gain lots of weight and my fitness has plummeted down to zero. I don't think i can even beat a toddler's stamina right now. so yeah, start to do light workout here and there getting ache here and there every so often and trying to control my diet so that i my efforts will not be futile. It is a well known fact that most people that come back from overseas will tend to eat a lot since they miss Malaysian food so much that they end up getting getting fat. well, it probably has to do with aging too like everyone getting boroi past 25, i don't know. I want to take care of my health mainly because I'm going to work in health department. It's an irony how a medical officer that gives advice to people in how to take care of health can't even take care of his own. how are you going to convince your family members or societies to live a better life when you're the same as the rest? another reason is because i want to avoid disease like cardiovascular, hypertension, and diabetes at later stage of my life because they're big pain in the ass to take care of. plus, i have lots of risk factors for those disease including family history so extra caution need to be taken.

Besides healthy, trying to get fit is a plus. it's more like for self satisfaction. well, i want to climb Mount Kinabalu again when i go back to Malaysia and to do that is not an easy feat. I need to do proper training again and become active like i was 10 years ago. yes, that was the time that i first climb Mount Kinabalu and i was really confident with my fitness. now, pffft i will be half dead trying to climb that mountain. gonna try to do the close one first, so mount Ophir it is or it's original name Gunung Ledang. (I didn't know Gunung Ledang has an English name).

Regarding of taking care of my house yeah its going on slowly but surely, throwing away junks and trashes, sorting out stuffs, making my family members triggered every time I start sorting stuffs. all is fine, all is fine. I did fell sick when I was cleaning a room that hasn't been touch for ages because the dust is so thick that I ended up sneezing and having runny nose and tears flowing non stop as if I have been sprayed with the pepper spray girls use for the protection from rapist except without the stinging sensation. next plan would be gardening, going to continue with my compost pile for gardening and improve my yard. Mmm so friends, please don't be mad with me or think that I'm being sombong for not socializing with you guys even though it has been almost 2 months since I come back home. this is like a big project for me and take lots of time to be done. oh and i can't really drive since my driving license is dead and it is in the cargo shipping that will arrive at the end of September. until then i can only follow my family members to travel around. I'm too lazy to walk 1 Km just to go to the nearest bus stop in this tropical climate. hehe

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