Friday, 29 July 2016

menganggur period

hurray this is the period that i like but at the same time it is not a very good period to stay in for a long time. why i like this period because i am technically having holidays indefinitely but the downside is that i have to stop all my expenditure since i dont have any income. well, not that i need income looking at the way im living right now.

since i came back home, there are a lot of things that i want to do with this house that i find it okay not to go out at all just to settle these things like sorting out stuffs, and gardening stuffs, and not to mention i have to settle the documentation part to report myself to MARA and also to apply for internship. so yeah lots of things happening at one time and im tired from doing these things everyday. err mostly im just being lazy not tired hehe. adapting myself to this new(old) environment doesnt take much time but now im starting to familiarize with stuff from market. as we all know you can find more stuffs in the market here in malaysia compared to market in ireland. trying to memorize all the fishes and veges names also the meat prices. gonna take some time to know which market sells the cheapest price for which goods. hopefully ill be able to get back into the kitchen by next month.

currently im doing manual labour like cementing tiles, fixing windows, doors, and painting. truth be told i escaped a lot since im doing my documentation for the lapor diri and job application at the same time. hehe. 

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