Tuesday, 24 May 2016

new mouse

hello!!! i got a new mouse. not live mouse but computer mouse and it's a razer naga chroma. mmmpphh. gaming mousefor someone like me that dont really play games but still it's good when i play game. haaa nevertheless, i still sucks at gaming with rusty skills after months of not playing games, change in control, and  now adapting to new mouse... oh yeah my reaction is as slow as a sloth

see the buttons, see the designs, see the logo... biting lips

anyway im so not used to gaming mouse because my previous mouse was a microsoft basic mouse and it is way smaller than this mouse. i am able to put 3 fingers on the mouse so i ended up using the wrong finger trying to right click. the other thing is the sensitivity. man this thing can be reaallllly sensitive that 1mm move of the mouse can send the cursor from the end of the screen to the other end. i just couldnt catch up with the speed of the cursor. so i ended up using the lowest sensitivvity of the mouse which is the sensitivity of my previous mouse. hopefully i can use the more sensitive part level one day. everything will be better after sometimes

oh yeah did i mention this thing changes colour all the time just like my warcraft headphone. cool

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