Thursday, 5 May 2016

streaming game

trying new stuffs like streaming... i've been watching people stream most of the time during my exam period. well not watching exactly, more like leaving them on as background noise and occasional interaction. so i tried downloading the stream software just to see how does it work but i just dont feel like messing with other stuffs during exam period and that thing was left dead until now since im done with all exam. it's not that hard to stream actually but it's hard for me to pay attention to chat while focusing on the game. so i ended up ignoring the chat most of the time. haha

well dont think i'm gonna do some serious streaming after all my internet connection at malaysia is so slow. this is just temporary entertainment ^^


  1. ada org tengok ke.. femes siot.. dorg chat apa

    1. ade je orang dtg. tp biasa xde orang ah haha. aku main pun game lama bukan game baru