Sunday, 27 November 2016

tahi hidung

gross. yeap that's what came acorss my mind and anyone reading the title. well before that I'm living in KL now. clap! clap! just for a month though ahha. I'm staying at UM as a temporary doctor. theyre lacking intern there so i come in to fill in the blanks. JK im actually here as a research assistant. it's a part time job. hopefully this job will go well.

anyhow, what's the relationship between the title and me staying  in KL? they're totally related. The reason I dont really like living in KL is because of the air and hecticness. well, i kinda used to living in city so hecticness is fine i guess but the air.... it is somehow different. dustier, thicker. basically i dont really like it. maybe because it is dustier that my booger build up so fast just within one day. after all the hairs in the nostrils act as filters to prevent the dust going inside. I dont think i have to do much when i was living in melaka and my nostrils are always clean. any dusty place and i will have extra cleaning stuff to do. i think that's how i measure the air cleanliness lol.

metal malaysia jap haha


  1. Omg u rate the quality of your air via taik hidongs. Ew...... LOL.

    1. its just like water filter meh. dirty water requires you to clean the filter more often ^^