Sunday, 20 November 2016

dank soul

so i just started playing dark soul. no no not the third one. this is the first one. bought it on sale for like dirt cheap price. the other two are still expensive. i can buy them when i finish this one and the games will be almost free or free at that time. so far ive played the game for three hours and all i get is git gud from the developer. died so much that im not even moving from the starting place. now i feel the pain everybody had when they play this game. to make it worse im not really a good console player so my controlling sucks hard. haha anyway, i need help and guidance for this game lol but at least this game is not as easy as most of the games these days. and btw, theres no point in me designing the character face and build as it will turn out ugly anyway as im playing as an undead lol. another thing is this game is so harsh to newbie because there is no explanation on anything or tutorials for control which im soo used to rely on them. the only thing that ease the game are the messages left by the other players to help me learn the control of the game.

well to have dark soul this fun is impossible for me since i dont play online. lol