Tuesday, 29 November 2016

um rules

so now im staying at UM here comes the complaints about the place. as we all know it is a hostel so there will be a lot of complaints from everyone. since i've been living on my own renting house during my study in universities i am used to not tied to any rules and regulations in the house. well we do have our own rules that we made between housemates and we agreed on the rules so its fine. i'm surprised that the rules for hostel in university is not much different from college or secondary school. even secondary school have better rules in certain aspects.

first of all i didnt expect that students in university level are not allowed to cook on their own but that is well it's a hostel im fine with that but then i came to realise that students are not allowed to have their own iron or kettle in their room which is totally ridiculous. come on. this is students at late teen and early 20s already. and the society look down on the younger generation not being able to grow up or manage their life properly when they themselves are forbidden to grow and treated like school kids even at the age of 20s. what is this? when i went to study oversea i stayed in the halls.(basically it's accommodation specifically for first year students) and it was way better than normal apartment you can rent here in malaysia. you get a room for 2 people with toilet for each room. a house will have 3 rooms which means you live in an apartment of 4-6 people with living room and kitchen completely provided. those kids are just like us 18 years old and theyre already allowed to use the whole kitchen  and facilities and here in malaysia you cant even use a kettle at the age of 20+... wtf is that? man they should really review their rules and regulations. this is not 80s or 90s anymore.

another thing i encounter is about parking space here. wow that really bugs me. as i was going back from my shopping spree in mid valley i found out theyve selaed off the parking area for the residency for 5 days saying that theyre going to have events. so i asked where am i supposed to park and they said just park by the road side and the pakcik proceed to give me lecture about um that even though students have um stickers there is actually no parking space provided for them. these parking space which is big enough to support 3 residency area is only for staffs working for the residency area though there are already lots of parking spaces withing the residency area themselves all allocated for the staffs only. again wtf is this? its a blasphemy. its not making any sense at all. i told him im new guy around here so i didnt know. so the pakcik continued his speech saying that haa awak baru kan xde sticker lagi la. nnti dorang ni lagi la start clamp la kereta yang park tepi jalan during the events period. wow they took the students parking area and leave no place for us to park and they penalize us because we dont have place to park. brilliant!!!! i just cant brain this. going back to melaka straight away and if i  come back early im just going to park at the hosp and wait until the event finish.


  1. weyy, buat apa dekat UM sekarang? sound productive. huhu.

  2. ok. dah baca previous post. 'tahi hidung' -_-' all the best, then! keluar dari rumah jugak akhirnya.lols

    1. thanks haha hopefully all goes well