Monday, 26 December 2016


I'm required to do lots of stuffs involving computer stuffs like making video or pamphlets so my skill in paint come in handy when it comes to simple pic editing but that makes me want to play with paint more and im reminded again why i stopped using paint now. i dont know whether its the mouse or what but i cant make smooth line anymore in paint whenever it involves diagonal line be it straight or not. so yeah i totally stopped since i dont know what causes this thing. it has been annoying me so much that i dont even use the brush or pen or any option from that area in paint. i just use it to cut, move, and paste pictures only now... ughhh whyyy?

the SAI software that i downloaded ages ago has already expired and i still dont know how to use it. tried to watch my friend use SAI but internet in Malaysia didnt allow it and she no longer do this things i guess. busy with life so meh. i kinda forget its existence to be honest. ehehehe

it might not be obvious here but only the right most line is smooth. even then it is not that smooth and the rest are jagged line. I really have no idea why this happen. tried increasing and decreasing speed of drawing the line as i suspect it might be my hand not being stable and shaky enough. still the same jagged line everywhere regardless of the speed. some smooth lines may appear but theyre just not consistent

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