Monday, 2 January 2017


since im not having a regular job and the money i get is gitu2 je. staying in kl is very costly for me. i dont really care about the expenditure as im still in holiday mode spending money as i like from what i have but if i were to really calculate and spend money wisely just from my earning without denting my bank acc even a bit i will have to live on bread and crackers only or maybe less than that. anyway, my stay in kl is coming to an end i guess depending what happen in the future. maybe i get lucky and can continue my stay here in kl... well que sera sera whatever will be, will be.

anyway, i can finally draw again using paint as the jagged lines disappear after i tick the assist mouse sensitivity in the setting. so now its up to my hand to be able to draw smoothly and beautifully though i must admit after so long it is hard to draw using mouse lol.


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