Tuesday, 20 April 2010


hmmm when i think about my future i realise that I'm going to be a father one day. not today but one day. so, will i be able to do my responsibility well and bring up children in this treacherous world? dunno. and I'm not going to think bout it now for time will tell when i should act.

okay, we teenagers always have fight with parents because of different in thinking and point of view. true, teenagers always say that parents are too strict and they get no freedom. yes they blame their parents for their orthodoxity which is said irrelevant in todays world. this things will keep on repeating in human history and we will never be able to erase it. teenagers are just too self centered. they only think about they themselves. anything that is considered annoying or pest are kicked out of their life. ok i might be making a mountain out of molehill but it is a fact.

the old man though look old fashioned and is nothing but a hindrance towards words like enjoy and freedom, they are doing their part in life that is to guide us. whenever they scold us, babbling and get on your feet, we feel annoyed but try to take a deep breath and relax. think carefully, why do they did all these things. then you will be able to see the answer. its just that, teenagers are not willing to accept it because theyd rather follow their emotion that lead to rebellion. they know the answer but dont want to accept it.

after all, everything that our oldman do is for the sake of us. they always have good intention and whatsmore, they are willing to slaught their whole life for us. come on man, be more grateful. think of every bitter and sweet things that you've gone through with your parents and HOLYSHIT!!! they did so much for us. too much.
so, thanks to my father and mother.

one more thing, quotation of the day,
"humankind cannot stand very much reality" by T.S Eliot
true... true...

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