Monday, 25 January 2010

good luck

now is a crucial time with everything need to be sent and everyone is rushing as the deadline is approaching. (actually the deadline has already passed)
tok ee world lit ia and all kind of big shits.. err i mean stuffs are really making all the year 2 running up and down cursing every thing and everyday. it is like a boat in the middle of a storm. everyday is a tiring day and we just have to endure all these problem.

even now, everyone is busy with test like english iop and also interviews from the university. duh, a lot of preparation need to be done.well, good luck my friend for this upcoming english oral and other stuffs. just endure this hard time till the end of february and everything will be back to normal.

another thing is congrats to those who manage to change room including me.^^
finally manage to make a DotA community in block A. hehehee


  1. haha, cool dod. baru rasa hidup kat wing kite nih...