Monday, 22 March 2010

cheap and dirty or clean and expensive

everybody is getting sick the whole world is rotting and giving foul smell. even a freshly plucked apple seems like a rotten apple. anyway, this is not what i want to say right now. it got nothing to do with me. just leave it as it is. soon people will realise though it is a bit too late.

tonight i just want to ask why do we create things? yeah the answer is just one. so that other people will copy and use it for their own benefits. thats why we have generic brand of paracetamol instead of just panadol. but then why do people dont like to others to copy their invention? is it because they feel like they own it? maybe...
speaking of originality, the society always say that be original lah... why must we take the hard way creating a new path for us instead of just using the path that others have made? it would be easier that way right? what matters is the end result.

nevertheless, why do some people dont want to copy or follow other people steps?(again i asked the same question. shit) because they have the pride and dignity? why should i copy his/hers as i can do it by myself. i did it my way.....(frank sinatra) well, maybe one of the factors is satisfaction. yeah people would rather die satisfied than continuing living in this rotting world without any satisfaction.
me? lets say that im the type that dont like to copy others and im no copycat. but i do plagiarise(is it the right spelling? it has redline beneath it) but it doesnt matter anymore. the most important thing is the end result. play it clean or dirty as long as you win. the fittest will survive

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