Monday, 29 March 2010

to get is to give

there goes ma fren and he flew to east. to the country with slanted eyes and proud with their katana and ninja things. goodbye bro... this may be the last time that i will see him in my life.actually i havent seen him from last year since the last hari raya though we are in the same state. neway, it is fated that i cannot see him but its ok maybe another time.maybe.....

yeah we have chosen our own path in life to go on and everybody has different path. everytime we met with new people we separate with other people. yes, they come and go as the time passes by and some of them will be remembered some of them forgotten. my life in kmb is about to end in just a few more months and after this we will separate and each of us are going to different places to meet with new people, friends, and foes? maybe....

nevertheless, all i can say is that although we will be forgetting each other, and even if we met probably i wont approach you and dont recognise at all, i'm glad that i have the past experience that will make me smile. it is not about remembering or something materialistic but the value is priceless.

glad i met with all these people. someday, sometime, somewhere, we might be crossing each others path and fate will determine whether we will meet again or not

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