Friday, 21 May 2010


and so, the story end happily ever after....
uh... i've just finish my book title International Baccalaureate at Kolej MARA Banting. it has about 730 days page.... huh...

so, im gonna start a new chapter in my life and new pages. but before that let me say a token of gratitude to everything. my parents, teachers, fwens, dotamate, wingmate and anymate, and everything that can be thanked for including my pen for not running out of ink during the exam. ^^ goodbye and we will meet again if fate let us meet again...

well, since this is the end of 4Sekawan's journey i have decided to make this as the final piece of 4 sekawan.
see ya later adios.....

goodbye kmb
from 4 sekawan


  1. That's a FINE piece of work you have there...
    So long, KMB! But YOU! I'll see you again in BTN!

  2. hahaha, mau macam pernah nmpak jer gambar ni. :P

  3. 4 sekawan?
    spe la tu

    neway...all d best in life bro~

  4. aq igt lagi ko tye aq warna ape nak letak kat gmbr ko pun jwb je wrna seluar jeans..sbb,aq lemah bab wrna x nak kantoikan diri takut kene kutuk..hahahaha

  5. haaa kalo nak taw story die cari r....
    asyriq: aku taw ko mmg lemah a.k.a rabun warne tp aku x kesah pon tanye gak. hehehe
    amin: msti r penah nampak.. coolkan?