Thursday, 6 April 2017


apparently queuing is an issue that can get lots of people in malaysia quarreling especially between the youngsters and the pakcik makcik. yeap youre thinking the right thing. i had an argument with an old fellow about queuing.

it happened when i was in a mall doing grocery shopping. got myself some cheap looking good vegetables, bagged them and went to weighing counter and the staff was not there. several people were waiting at the counter and so i waited together with them while looking at other vegetables. then the abang timbang came rushing to the counter as he realised that lots of people were waiting. seeing him i joined the queue and yes that was when this old pakcik came rushing from behind and put his stuffs on the counter in front of me.

me: pakcik. beratur.
pakcik: pakcik beratur la ni. da lama da tunggu dari tadi.

this pakcik got me like

me: pakcik tunggu tu tunggu tapi beratur la
pakcik: pakcik da beratur la ni lama tunggu dari tadi awak tu baru datang

so the argument going back and forth with me asking him to queue and him insisting that hes queuing by cutting me and then he said something like me berlagak macam supermarket ni bapak aku punya. few grumbling and then keluar awak pun sama melayu. so i said apa kene mengena dengan bangsa. then he said he is the older one and im young so i should shut up. i just said i dont care. thats why i ask him to queue.

well the arguments die as he get his items weighed and left while i sambung to abang timbang saying that orang tua biasa la x boleh kena tegur.

yeap from that incident i learnt that im still not good in debating and arguing with people. i get heated easily over simple stuff like this. i would have been able to burn other people easily if i can keep my cool. guess practice makes perfect. oh yeah i also learnt that being patient is so not enjoying while it is more fun to be rude and make fun and burn the oldman. so, be patient or just listen to the devil?

no point mentioning about the old generation stubbornness (which im already mentioning here) as the mentality aku makan garam lagi banyak apa ko taw is deeply ingrained in us which makes it very hard to change the culture.


  1. Omgomgomg baca ni pun buat aku geram. I can almost imagine. Malaysian dan beraturnya.

    1. balik la malaysia kalau ko nak bertekak dengan orang easily hahaha