Thursday, 2 March 2017


im a right handed person but i think im actually a lefty. it's just that i was trained to use right hand in everything since i was small. so what made me realise this is that apart from my hand, all the other body parts that come in pairs are more dominant on the left side. my main eye is the left one and my left leg is a lot stronger than the right one. not to mention that i can hear better using my left ear. since ive been using my right hand all the time of course the dexterity and the strength is better compared to left hand but i realize i can jab better using my left hand and i am more comfortable using left hand as the main controller for some manual works but that doesnt mean i can use my right hand properly. its just when you just do things without thinking you automatically use the left hand. maybe its because of that my writing speed can hardly improve after all these years of writing. still the same slow and messy handwriting. i should try to write using my left hand hahha. if i can be ambidextrous that would be cool ^^

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