Saturday, 8 April 2017

expensive habit

my  friend once said that if he were given a choice whether to be able to get a blowjob for life or eat cheese all life he would definitely take the cheese. even though he suffer massive diarrhoea after consuming cheese due to lactose intolerance, he will still eat it. NO REGRETS!!!!

that shows how tasty it is. well in my case dairy products. damn they taste so good. i dont have problem getting all dairy products when i was living in europe but man it is so expensive here in malaysia as dairy product consumption is not that popular here so it is a bit expensive. example

fresh milk 1L Msia - RM 7,  eire - eu 1
see even if you convert it to same currency it is still expensive in msia and not to mention the taste is better in eire.

mozarella cheese msia - RM 17, eire - 50 cents
you see the massive gap in price here? 15 ringgit difference. and the cheese sold are fresh cheese. the taste is far superior compared to dry mozarella cheese in msia.

so when i come back to msia bringing this foreign habit with me it costs me a lot. currently i can consume 1L of fresh milk a day. and that's 7 ringgit a day, totaled up to around RM 210 a month. its like i have the smoking habit but less costly and not producing smoke.

in my culinary adventure, i decided to make cheese on my own as the one sold are so expensive. even with that idea i find it hard to make that thing as whenever i buy milk i can quickly consume it and finish the milk. oh well i should go buy fresh milk straight dari ladang

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