Monday, 14 February 2011


well, my house had a party tonight!!! yeah bring all the booze!! DRINK!! DRINK!! DRINK!!
me? no i wasnt there. missed the party. they were celebrating their winning on football match. weee everybody's happy till the event turn ugly. someone got really drunk and began to tantrum and start a fight with another one. that's when i came back home and saw my kitchen is a tongkang pecah and found somebody was bleeding. well the music was still playing. FIGHT!! FIGHT!! FIGHT!! and the fight go on to the corridor, outside my house, and outside the apartment.... till the warden came. of course they took statement from my housemate. I LOLed during the whole incident. my roomate that has nothing to do with the incident also was scolded by the warden. hahaha

this is how my kitchen looks like right now... hope Patrick gonna clean up all the mess by tomorrow


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  2. lols
    asal x join der minum haha
    eh bukan ko ke yg mabuk tu
    cite kat aku laen. kat blog laen. ape ni =p

  3. great!hahaha..seb bek ko x join skali..

  4. lol ni baru berlaku semalam r mar...

    lisa: pe slahnye aku join skali.. minum coke je r.hehehe

    wan ngan firman: 1st time cool la. beberapa kali bese...banyak kali kene carut r nnti

  5. lol.. esok2 bru dorg kemas dow.. huhu