Saturday, 12 February 2011


i went cycling with KN around UCD and Clonskeagh that day to look for HP Service Centre around that area. unfortunately, it was a fruitless attempt

nevertheless, i really enjoyed cycling that day. yeah i took pics while cycling. hehehe it was good

one day, i open youtube and was clueless. i just typesome random letter to see youtube suggestion for famous video. suddenly i just typed abigail to see the video result out of nowhere. and i found... a metal band. there you go



  1. haha babi r.lonely sial aku kat cni damn.
    amende do ko kt komen kt blog aku.x phm =.=

  2. sian ko.... tpakse r ko tahan 5 tahun kat situ..
    xpe2 ade mase datang r dublin...

  3. wah,kurus la kau nanti kan!hahaha

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  5. haha bkan slalu cycle pon... lgpon skang ngah sejuk malas nak cycle...