Thursday, 10 February 2011

failure.. kaboom!!!

uh i think im going to be sick. thanks to my experiment in cooking. bleghhh... have to bear with it...
ai, leceh leceh....

ohyeah, im trying to draw using paint with new style. still learning and im still far away from getting a good picture. the picture above is just the starting point... haha that is the easy part. anyway, i've been watching this video for thousand times and i never get bored of it. An amazing video


  1. yup2
    menarik kn video tu
    ada bnyk lg yg serupa camtu
    yg bile bc cam rasa cool gle :P
    ko pakai paint apa?

  2. ms paint r.. windows seven nye. though aku lagi suke ms paint yang lame... sume aku da tgk da video apex tp ni yang aku paling suke...

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  4. name experiment... tp mmg fail pon.. malas nak masak. hehe

    this is one of the videos that i loved most