Friday, 11 January 2013

Gran Canaria

So i went to Spain..... well not to say Spain exactly. Canary Island though it is under Spain but it's actually located right beside Morocco. i dont know why it belongs to Spain. anyway i went there during winter holiday right after the exam. it's nice to go somewhere hot for awhile during cold winter season. since the island is situated near to sahara desert, it has desert too. the temperature is around 25 daytime and around 20 at night. the weather is really nice since there's no cloud in the sky making it a perfect place to sunbathe whats more it is not hot and humid like in Malaysia. the cool sea breeze just makes this island a great place to relax. the middle part of the island is more like a canyon as there are mountains. this is just great.

land of sands.
i can see no end to this desert. shrubs grow here and there
spending all day playing at the desert. woohooo
thirst to death..... nope, im hugging mother nature 
alibaba and 4 thieves
travelling under the blazing sun
gold dust
my travelling fellows
cool beach perfect for swimming after playing with the sand 
yeay we're going to middle part of the island
the sun shines brightly that it is blinding
yup we travel along the road at the desert
hello cacti. having fun sunbathing?
mount panorama
we hike a bit to go to the top of the mountain.
yes thats the top of the mountain we're aiming for
the view from the top of one of the highest mountains in gran canaria, roque nublo
oh look there are small plants up here taking shelter from the sun and wind

i still cant arrange the pictures to form 3 or 2 rows instead of 1 long row of pictures for when i do that the arrangement will always get messed up.