Thursday, 17 January 2013

cold feet

Damn Ancient Apparition for casting cold feet on me!!!

yes I've been having cold feet and hand now and then. it's cold!!!! especially when you're about to sleep but then your cold feet touches some part of the body...brrr no this is not raynaud's disease.

Raynaud's phenomenon consists of spasm of the digital arteries, usually precipitated by cold and relieved by heat. (known as Raynaud's disease if no known underlying cause). This disorder usually bilateral with fingers affected more commonly than toes.

Skin pallor(due to vasoconstriction) followed by cyanosis due to sluggish blood flow, then redness secondary to hyperaemia. numbness, a burning sensation and severe pain occur as fingers warm up.

secondary causes include rheumatoid autoimmune disorder such as systemic sclerosis. can also be associated with artherosclerosis or occupations that involve use of vibrating tools. Ergot-containing drugs and beta-blockers, and smoking can aggravate symptoms

avoid cold provocation, stop smoking. vasodilators can be prescribed but often unacceptable as cerebral vasodilatation causes severe headaches. sympathectomy or prostacyclin infusion is helpful in severe disease.

all resources from Kumar and Clarke