Wednesday, 14 June 2017

new condiment

yeap another post about food because thats what ive been actively doing lately.

i decided to make mapo tofu  as i stumbled upon doubanjiang (bean chilli paste) in market after a long time searching for it. after psyching myself up to cook it i went to the kitchen only to find a big pot of assam pedas kari kepala ikan salmon ready to be served. huh. im not gonna contest my dish with this dish. so scratch the plan and ill cook it sometimes later. anyway, i find it a good timing to make mapo tofu right now because ramly minced beef is on promotion at Mydin. RM15/KG for beef is a very good deal. normal price for beef should be around RM29/KG. go get your meat folks.

anyway, here i was in the kitchen with no mapo tofu to make, I decided to make hot chilli oil as it is one of the ingredients needed to make mapo's really easy to make. all i need are

dried chilli pepper blended to flakes/powder (i have this in abundant since i use it as condiment)
oil (also abundant because who doesnt have oil in the kitchen?)
salt (pshhh i can get this from my tears)
peanut (optional)
black pepper (also optional but i use it just to give some heat to the body)
sesame oil (again optional)

so yeah only 3 ingredients needed to make it actually and theyre too easy to find here in Malaysia.
ratio of oil to the chilli powder is 4 to 1. every cup of chilli powder i use ill add 4 cup of oil and for my first try i used half cup of chilli and 2 cups of oil. the other ingredients... 1/2 tsp of salt, a genggam of peanut and 1.5 tsp of grounded black pepper (well i just put them according to my liking)

so what i did is heat the oil in pan, wait until i see tiny smoke to come out, put the flame out and pour in all the mixed dry ingredients and stir. voila done. i just wait for the oil to cool down before pouring into a container and add a splash of sesame oil for the fragrance and i can enjoy it with any dish.

here's the video of where i learn about this thing.

my own hot chilli oil
yeay so new condiment to be used while eating. i tested it with bubur lambuk that i got and it is good. it has the roasted peanut smell while giving hot tingling feel on your lips and tongue from the chilli and at the same time making your body a bit heaty thanks to the blackpepper. i wish i have the sichuan peppercorn to make it numbing hot. oh well, this is good enough for now. another ingredient secured for mapo tofu!!!

also i might make lasagna or pasta dishes any of these days with the stocked minced beef i bought. the problem is tomato is a bit expensive right now and it is widely used in pasta dishes. damn it. i thought it is supposed to be cheap right now because it is a summer fruit. Malaysia is always summer what... another thing to be home grown...tomato

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  1. I had dumplings for dinner tadi and dia bagi hot chilli oil as a dip, terus teringat this post of yours.
    Sedap gila hot chilli oil rupanya!! Rasa macam nak mintak tapau sebalang tadi.