Friday, 16 June 2017

finally!!! Mapo Tofu

so 2 days ago my mapo tofu plan was scratched out because of the assam pedas kari kepala salmon and i decided to make the chili oil but on the next day the opportunity come as there were only little left of the curry so i decided to go into the kitchen and cook before my parents start cooking anything.

so here are the ingredients that i used...

silken tofu 1 block
ginger 1 thumb size minced
garlic 5 cloves minced
leek 1 stalk minced leafy part separated
ground beef 400g
vegetable oil roughly 3 tbsp i guess
black bean 2 tbsp minced and pressed
doubanjiang(chili bean paste) 2.5 tbsp
chicken stock 1 litre
chili powder 2 tbsp roughly.. i just pour it to my heart content
chili oil that i made 2 tbsp
sesame oil 2 tsp roughly
sugar 2 tbsp
soy sauce a splash of it. maybe 1 tbsp

i didnt use: 
- sichuan peppercorn because i cant find it in the mall or i simply dont look for it hard enough. also my family cant really handle spicy food whats more to eat this numbing hot peppercorn. ill add this maybe some other time when im cooking for myself
- starch to thicken the dish simply because i forgot. 
- king oyster mushroom. i want to use this ingredient because it gives awesome texture when youre chewing just like during my seafood chowder. i didnt use it because i just forgot to buy it.

so yeah there are several chinese ingredients needed that required me to look for it at several places which is the reason why i never get to make mapo tofu before this. found the doubanjiang at mydin few days ago and that was the impetus to lets make mapo tofu haha. i cant find fermented black bean so i just used the black bean from canned fried dace with black bean. still good though haha. im supposed to use spring onion but the one sold at the market doesnt look fresh at all so i decided to use leek instead. leek always taste better than spring onion anyway even raw. too bad leeks sold in malaysia are small. the girth is half of the leeks i use in ireland. so disappointed. size matters guys. lol this sounds so wrong. im into straight leek btw to those thinking i like the bent one right now. oh yeah the amount of ground beef im using is way more than im supposed to simply because ive stocked up on beef so why not hehehe. also the amount of tofu i used is so small compared to the rest of the ingredients that im supposed to use 2 or 3 blocks of tofu. oh welli know were eating it with rice so thats why i dont bother to add more tofu

the cooking is pretty much straight forward and easy once you prepared every ingredient in the required state. here's the video of the mapo tofu i learnt from. he also provided the recipe to details, so should be good to those interested in making one

heres the finished product used the leafy part of the leeks to garnish and add more during the chowtime. so the result was a huge success. it has the mapo tofu taste. its salty thanks to the doubanjiang and blackbean. spicy but very mild that my family can enjoy it too. so yeayyyy. so good finished whole big bowl in a day and the curry was left untouched. 

so what can be improved for this cooking is the usage of frozen beef. my dad said the frozen beef doesnt give any flavours. i should get fresh beef and mince it myself or use fresh daging tetel as it produce more oil and flavours. also sichuan peppercorn should be added next time. need that damn spicy taste but addicting. oh yeah the tofu can be bought fresh from the wet market instead of the packed one from the mall as the fresh one still has the bean smell and it tastes better

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