Wednesday, 17 May 2017

fwesh milk!!!!!

my culinary adventure is good right now. manage to get my hand on freshhhh milk. this is not the fresh milk from mall that is already bottled. this is fresh from cow's udder. cret cret cret moomoo.

initially I went to the house where i used to buy the milk from but the house was empty and there was no animal at all. the lady next door said that the owner died already so she gave us a new location where i can buy fresh milk. she herself has goat milk but she doesnt sell it. it's for personal usage. i'd have bought from her if she sell some.

anyway off i went to the new house and buy a pack of milk for RM5. well the price is a bit cheaper compared to the fresh milk in market. RM6.66 for a litre instead of RM7.50 per litre. not bad and the milk is fresh and creamier. you can even smell the cow from the milk lol. (i know lots of people cant stand this smell)

the result was satisfying. the milk looks clean and i finish it in one night. nevertheless, the taste of the milk is quite thin. it is not as thick compared to the milk that i buy from the old place. hopefully it's just the cow having less fat in the milk and not them adding water into the milk. after all, i'm not a milk expert to be able to distinguish them. anyway, i can enjoy myself drinking fresh milk at a cheaper rate and tastier hehehehe.

oh btw, since i can get my fresh milk supply, let's start with cheese making project. my aim is to make my own mozarella (if that's possible) so that i can enjoy the fresh mozarella at low cost. there's no way for me to be able to get fresh mozarella here in Malaysia. anyway, first step is to make paneer. indian cooking should come up after that ^^


  1. Whoa, making your own mozzarella? Nanti tunjuk la how it turns out. I've always wondered how the fresh one tastes like compared to the regular yellow one.

    1. fresh one- soft, fluffy, the texture is like a baby's cheek haha. the taste regular mozarella but not dried. never get tired of it.

      anyway ill post about my cheese making stuffs but probably only the finishing product picture since im not a fan of taking pics especially in the process of something. havent done it yet since i realised i have a block of cheddar cheese in my fridge so gonna have to finish it first before attempting to make one


    this lady makes fresh cheese! thought you might be interested.

    1. hey thanks a lot it is indeed interesting. maybe i could pay her a visit. shes already a pro in cheese making