Monday, 30 January 2012

Yeay Basketball

howyeah finally get to play basketball with friends. i am so glad. it has been like 2 years since the last time i played it. yeah i went to london just to play basketball with my friends. though people might see this as something useless or whatever, i have no regrets. ahh the feeling was divine. ok that is a bit exaggerating. the feeling when i hold the ball, shooting, jumping, running, and shouting. damn that was nice. i hope that i can join them again in the future. if the flight ticket to london is cheap i would have go down there every week to play haha ^^. i just can smile right now. oh and enduring muscle sore all over the body. being young and healthy is always good. oh yeah i should have taken pictures with them lol


  1. tu la... ni aku maen ngan bdak kolej aku.. ngan bdak2 jasin x maen lame gile

  2. yup.truly understand for me, i didn't get the chance to play netball with my friends yet too.huh.nway,different sport but still the same excitement right?=)

  3. yeap yeap the feeling is the best. i just cant describe it