Thursday, 26 January 2012


when i came to ireland last year, i often heard that the Caucasians are not hygienic. yeah they dont take bath, living in a messy room, the house is like a rat nest etc... and so i braced myself to live with the irish during my first year in hall. it turned out that my house is not so bad. though some of the rumours live up to be true. but then the degree is not to the extend you want to move away. it was bearable. afterall, they're all teenagers and you know what kind of live most teenagers lead. nuff said.

then i move to the other house and live with my friends from malaysia. i cant really expect them to be able to keep the house clean tip top all the time. true but then they are far below my expectation. and they're ok to live with this condition. shrug* i compare what i had when i was living with the irish and my malaysian friends.

dirty dishes. they're all the same heh even i did that sometimes.

kitchen. ok i know the malaysian cooks with all the tumis and frying things. but then making the kitchen floor oily and sticky.... come on la  i didnt have this problem when i was living with the irish. they only let the stove area dirty.

trashes. there's nothing much we make trash. we throw them away.

toilet. this is the most different part. irish use tissue and we use water. a lot of water. luckily there's no water bill in ireland though we might have to start paying for it starting 2013. damn. the house is not built like in malaysia. somehow,having wet toilet with poor ventilation just make me feel that it is dirty. i am ok with wet toilet back in my country maybe because of the humidity and climate but not here. and having water dripping from the ceiling as water from the toilet above seeps into the floor is not nice.

anyway, i bet that if the Caucasians were to get into the house they will feel that we are not hygienic. anyway, i dont even care anymore. they might give excuse like bujang life or busy whatever but i dont think this kind of behaviour will change when one get married.


  1. and sometimes we wonder.. these people they wanna be in relationship and surely they wanna get married but have they ever thought of being a family leader and managing their house...

  2. no they dont.... beacuse everybody want to marry a maid

  3. exactly.. tempat plg tak bes kat rumah ko dapur.. haha.. aku masuk2 teros naik duduk atas kerusi. no offense tho :D

  4. ahaha da mmg camtu nak wat camne.... x perlu nak terasa pon

  5. Salam!~
    Yerp dah nak stop dah.. :) :)
    All the best to your blog!~!~ :D

  6. Caucasians are 10x better in terms of cleanliness compared to those directly from Tanah Besar... From my own experience, the Tanah Besar people are the filthiest.

    p.s. when I say Tanah Besar, I meant those who came DIRECTLY from there.

  7. haha... once in a while, u have this moment when you start to compare your own people with the people from other country. it's normal. that's how we see our self, mirrored. are we the same or are we not? =)