Wednesday, 22 February 2017

no more online game....for now

goodbye dota goodbye left for dead. thou has been good entertainment for me but alas we need to be apart. 

no i dont stop playing online games because i grow up and become 'mature' or because im moving on but i stopped playing because of the slow internet connection im having in my area. any delay or lag will definitely ruin the game especially for teamwork based game. another reason is because im living with my parents. the older generation dont understand that one does not simply pause an online game. and they only have negative view on things like games. everytime i play game in front of my father he will say jangan main game banyak sangat even when im playing only twice a week. so yeah these 2 factors are big enough to stop me from playing online game. i dont mind losing games but when i have to abandon game which makes me no different than those ragequitter, that is bad. i only abandon game like 2 or 3 times during my whole few years in ireland and those were due to internet or electric disruption but when i come back to malaysia within few months i get sent to low priority as penalty for abandoning game for few times. those abandons are mostly due to internet being not stable and my parents impeccable timing to call me for reasons that took more than 10 minutes.

now i mostly play offline games or even if its online its fine for me to leave the game anytime i want. the only online game i play now is digimon master online, a mmorpg. since i play that game alone without involving other players, leaving the game anytime is fine for me the worst it can be is just my character dying from being attacked by monster and respawn back to the nearest town. might lose item or money but thats not a problem at all. internet putus? just sambung some other time then. 

maybe one day when i have a good stable internet and live on my own i will start playing online game back but for now buhbye. 

oh yeah back in ireland i tried  streaming but never in malaysia since my upload speed is only 0.2mbps. no chance to do any streaming. 

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