Sunday, 19 January 2014

kitchen fun time

had a long inactivity because i was on a holiday. I spent the whole winter holiday traveling which is why i dont post anything for a month. I'm supposed to post pictures of my travel but i am too lazy to go through the pictures and hence the delay. ill post it up one day.

Anyway, since holiday is over that means my kitchen start to become lively again. lots of chopping, frying, stirring, etc etc. lately i realized i tend to use fruits in every cooking. mostly apple though but im thinking of trying to use new kind of fruit in the future. honey dew probably? pineapple definitely.... wonder what should i try to use in cooking? for condiments im trying to use mustard to give different taste though i never feel spiciness in mustard.

anyway, i finally bought a mixer thanks to ammar and this will really help me in baking. i would never buy it on my own though. too much excuse not to buy it though i want it. haha

Trinity college bell tower. such a fine day

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