Monday, 19 March 2012

reading week

had a trip to england for a few days. it was really great and i didnt regret it at all. the hospitality i got in manchester and thanks to jatdin especially haha. the sight seeing were awesome. then i cont to london hoping that i would be able to play basketball with my friends but it turned out i didnt get the chance. nevertheless i went to warwick game and yeah that was a blast. meeting new people, old friends, having good moments with my college friends Bella, AD, and Farzan. haha that was fun. i didnt play any game but just watching the games and cheering up for my friends is enough. i was so tired that i spend the whole sunday sleeping for i only sleep for a couple of hours for the past few days. but it was worth it. hoping to see you guys again next 2 weeks. ill try to hold on what i say. cant promise though ^^


  1. NEXT TWO WEEK NASIK AYAM YEYEAHHHHH! okay bye nasik lemak sambal kerang -.-